Kyiv: Ukrainian Forces continue their advance in Kherson region

The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to advance in the Kherson region, taking weapons and equipment left behind by the Russian troops and taking many of Russian soldiers prisoners, said on the air of the Ukrainian national TV Chief of the Joint Coordination Press Office of the Ukraine Security and Defense Forces South, Natalia Humeniuk.

"We continue to advance and, among other things, to clean up the territories, to consolidate in the captured positions … We also try to find those who were "left behind" intentionally or accidentally, because with the "evacuation" that they arranged for themselves, both the first and the second are possible. We replenish the prisoner exchange fund and take advantage of the Russian lend-lease… We continue to work on the liberation of settlements. I think that by the evening there will be more good news," Humeniuk announced.

According to her, the inventory of new "trophies" is currently being counted. Among them are artillery systems, armored vehicles, tanks, etc. All this will be used by the Ukrainian military.

Humeniuk also noted that Russian troops still remain in the only area in the Mykolaiv region - on the Kinburn Peninsula. The Ukrainian Forces currently focus on this spit in order to liberate the entire area. The "combat work" is underway, the speaker emphasized.

The head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration, Vitaly Kim, also wrote about the Kinburn Spit, hinting that it was going to be liberated soon.

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