Kyiv: Ukrainian Armed Forces to receive 20 new types of weapons in 2019

In 2019, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is planning to provide 20 new weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Those plans are specified in the state defense procurement program for this year, said Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak

"For me, personally, the state defense procurement program for this year is very optimistic because it provides delivery of at least 20 types of weapons to the Armed Forces which they did not have before. It is a good sign for us all that we are moving forward and do not stop,” the Minister stressed. 

He specified that new negotiations are being held on supplies of modern weapons from Turkey, Israel, and the USA. 

The Ministry also specified that the number of workers at the enterprises of defense industry complex increased by 25%. Salaries at the defense industry plants increased by more than 350% on average. 

Earlier, it was reported that the Defense Ministry's funding increased by 12% in 2019 or 10.9 billion hryvnia ($359 million).

  Stepan Poltorak, Ukraine, Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Armed Forces of Ukraine