Kyiv: Six Ukrainian Air Force divisions relocated

The Cabinet of Ministers has passed a decree “On the relocation of military units of the Ukrainian Air Force”, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry website reports.

“The government has made another important step towards ensuring Ukraine’s effective anti-air defense in order to bolster the country’s defensive capabilities. A a decree has been passed to relocate military units of the Ukrainian Air Force. The implementation of this decree will augment the combat capabilities of the Air Force in the country’s overall anti-air defense system,” the report states.

The Ukrainian government has consented to the Defense Ministry’s proposal to relocate military unit A1659 from military city No. 35 (Mariupol) to military city No. 8 (Zolotonosha, Cherkasy province).

Anti-aircraft missile regiment A2800 will be relocated from military city No. 6 (Radisne, Bilyayivka region of the Odessa province) to city No. 13 (Nerubaiske, in the same region).

Military unit A3737 and one of its radar platoons, together with the local air control post, will be moved from military city No. 2 (Mukachevo, Zakarpattia province) to No. 91A (Pavshyno, Mukachevo region, Zakarpattia province). Another of the unit’s radar platoons will now be stationed in military city No. 21 (Starokostiantyniv, Khmelnytskyi province).

In October last year, the Ukrainian Air Force acquired upgraded hypersonic aircraft and transport planes.

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