Kyiv: Russian supply routes in Kherson region are under Ukraine’s fire control

Ukrainian troops continue to keep under fire control Russian logistics and transport supply routes in the occupied territory of the Kherson region, said the head of the press center of the operational command South Natalia Gumenyuk at a press briefing.

"We can say that in the Kherson direction we continue fire control over the occupied territory, in particular, over the logistics and transport arteries," Gumenyuk said.

According to her, earlier, the Ukrainian Forces destroyed a Russian train delivering equipment and personnel, and continue the "excellent" trend of destroying enemy ammunition depots in the Kherson region.

Gumenyuk noted that Russians are trying to move equipment using pontoon bridges and ferry crossings as an alternative to the bridges damaged by the Ukrainian Forces.

According to Gumenyuk , Russians have so far managed to reorganize only the troops and equipment that they have available in the Kherson region.

  War in Ukraine, Kherson, Russia