Kyiv requests a separate package of NATO assistance for Ukraine's Navy

Ukraine's Permanent Representative to NATO Vadym Prystaiko said that Kyiv has asked NATO to arrange for a separate assistance package for the Naval Forces of Ukraine, the Evropeiska Pravda reported

“We have the so-called Assistance Package, which includes different mechanisms, in particular, trust funds. One of the ideas is that the assistance to our Navy be allocated from one package, in order to to identify the needs and support opportunities so that each country to find its own niche,” the diplomat said. 

Prystaiko noted that Ukraine has submitted to NATO a request for support in the Black Sea prior to the meeting of NATO defense ministers on February 13-14. 

“Our official request has already reached the Alliance. It has been agreed with our Armed Forces and handed over to all the [NATO] members. The ministers were provided with our requests upon their arrival. We are working to ensure that these measures are implemented,” Prystaiko said. 

Prystaiko said that the request, among other things, contains a request for financial, political and demonstrative support (i.e. presence in the Black Sea), as well as the arrangement of joint exercises. 

“We are requesting assistance for developing the infrastructure of our Naval Forces, bases, vessels personnel, and anti-ship equipment. Intelligence, radars, information sharing are what the military can request from other countries as military assistance,” the diplomat said.

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