Kyiv develops program to check if any Donbas residents committed crimes against Ukraine

Ukraine is developing a computer-based program which will help to determine if a resident from the self-declared Donetsk or Luhansk People's Republics committed crimes against Ukraine, said the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine, Anatolii Matios. According to Matios, the application will be ready in less than six months.

"Together with one of the powerful scientific centers, using the existing computer and psychological technologies, we are developing a computer-based screening test for citizens living in the annexed territories... I think, there is less than half a year left until the program is finished and tested,” Matios stated on Pryamyi TV.

He explained that each adult would be asked to voluntarily take a half-hour test and answer some questions. "Then, the server that processed the results applying certain criteria would tell the state representatives accompanying the peacekeepers that this category of citizens did not commit crimes and that they pose no threat... or there are questions with regards to this category, and some other category should be fully investigated,” Matios specified.

At the same time, the Prosecutor acknowledged that "this cannot be done immediately and easily".

In late January, Matios stated that Ukrainian authorities are preparing to check the loyalty of all residents of the Donbas using a polygraph.

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