Kuchma: there is more likelihood that Ukraine will receive lethal weapons during Trump’s presidency than when Obama was in power

The representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite Contact Group, the second president of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, believes that after Donald Trump came to power, Ukraine has a better chance of receiving lethal weapons, as he expressed during the YES forum.

He noted that work with the administration of US President Donald Trump in this matter is more promising than with the administration of Barack Obama.

"Let's wait till he [Trump] has a good mood in favor of Ukraine and are problems with Russia. Then he will decide to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons," Kuchma said.

Kuchma believes that Obama took only diplomatic steps, while Trump is ready to act.

Earlier during the forum, Leonid Kuchma said that the war in the Donbas could have been avoided if authorities had sat down at the negotiating table with Russia.

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