Kremlin: Syria is the best tactical display for demonstration of Russian weapons

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Frants Klintsevich, while commenting on a ban on the participation of Russian military equipment in a British international airshow, which will be held in 2018, stated that best demonstration site in the world today for Russian weapons is Syria, newspaper Izvestia reports.

The Airshow’s public relations arm explained earlier that the ban on the demonstration of Russian military equipment at the Farnborough International Airshow was at the request of the British governmental organization for export control, and that the restriction is linked to the EU embargo on the import of Russian weapons and military equipment.

"Today, it is impossible to catch up with Russia in many areas of military production, at least in the next 15-20 years. Russia, in terms of weapons, will not stand still. There are [some] worried about this, and, of course, the best way is [for them] to say that we have sanctions, and therefore will not allow [Russia’s] participation in the exhibition. Unfair competition was inherent always, especially for Americans," Klintsevich stressed.

According to the senator, the best demonstration site in the world today for Russian weapons is Syria.

"Syria is the tactical test-bed that broke all stereotypes. From the angle of military technology, the display at the range and just at the exhibition is nothing compared to when the equipment is demonstrated in combat. When the world saw our aerial systems throw old bombs at free fall from an altitude of 6-7 km – 200s, 500s - with an accuracy of 2 m, carrying out these point strikes on 1-2 supplies, realizing that this is the only way to not affect the civilian population. To destroy a group of bandits concentrated in a single building, without damaging economic objects. There is no higher praise than this. Today, no country in the world can boast that the Kalibr cruise missile, being in a unique launch canister, can shoot from a submarine, from a large ship, from a torpedo boat. The missile departs at 1.5 kilometers and hits the target with an accuracy of 1.5 meters. What could be a more significant exhibition and demonstration [of our abilities]? What are the Englishmen, with their slowness?" summarized Klintsevich.

Anatoliy Punchuk, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia (FSMTC), expressed regret at the decision of the organizers, and said that it leads to unfair competition.

This is not the first time Russia has faced restrictions to participating in the Farnborough. In 2014, the United Kingdom refused to issue visas to members of the Russian delegation; in 2016, only civilian products were presented at the airshow due to sanctions.

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