Kremlin debates withholding Navalny's body to avoid political unrest ahead of elections

Sources close to the Kremlin report that Russian authorities are discussing options to delay the release of Alexei Navalny’s body to his family. There are concerns within the Kremlin that the funeral of the opposition politician could overshadow the upcoming presidential elections and Vladimir Putin’s inauguration, transforming it into a significant political event, reports he news outlet Agenstvo.Novosti.

Bloomberg cites that the news of the politician’s death came as a surprise to the Kremlin officials. Russian authorities are currently debating what to do with Navalny’s body, including the possibility of never releasing it, sources told The Moscow Times.

One senior Russian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, "The presidential election is approaching. We don’t need this because it will be a problem for the boss [Putin]." The same official indicated that never releasing Navalny’s body for burial was also being considered by the authorities, a situation that has previously occurred in Russia. However, in Navalny’s case, they realize it could spark tremendous controversy.

Another option under consideration is to hold a private farewell ceremony for Navalny at the morgue, allowing only close relatives and friends to attend.

A final decision on what to do with Navalny’s body has yet to be made. His family is insisting they be allowed to bury him following their traditions.

The situation surrounding Navalny is causing a significant uproar in Russia and abroad. His supporters are demanding that the authorities carry out a transparent investigation into his poisoning and allow independent doctors to examine him.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin denies any involvement in Navalny’s poisoning, claiming that he was in legal detention.

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