Kremlin claims Trump supporters inquiring about obtaining Russian citizenship

U.S. officials ask in comments on social networks to explain how they can get Russian citizenship, said the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on air of the talk show "Sunday Night with Vladimir Solovyov" on the TV channel "Russia 1."

According to her, President Donald Trump's supporters fear persecution because of their political beliefs. "This country [the U.S.] is conducting a repressive policy in the world, and today it also uses it against its own citizens. We are worried," Zakharova said.

Social media accounts of Trump supporters and Trump himself were blocked after they stormed the Capitol building in Washington. Twitter has blocked Trump's account for good. Earlier, Trump's Instagram and Facebook accounts were blocked, but were later unblocked.

Twitter and other social media services said Trump’s accounts were blocked for inciting violence. Five people were killed during the riots and more than 100 criminal cases were opened against the attackers.

Trump and his supporters do not recognize the outcome of the election, which, according to official data, was won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

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