Journalist: Russian weapons and equipment are moving towards Ukrainian borders

In Russia this week, there is an unprecedented movement of military equipment being flown into the Moscow Region, as well as into Kostroma, Samara, and Volgograd. Military equipment is being moved via aircraft into the European part of the Russian Federation from Novosibirsk. Russia states that this is part of the Zapad-2017 exercises, according to journalist and military correspondent, Andrei Tsaplienko’s blog on website.

The exercised will begin on September 14th in six formations in Belarus. But military technology for some reason is moving the other way, towards Ukraine, to the Voronezh region, Krasnodar, and the Crimea.

The threat of further invasion by Russian troops is still high. This is unambiguous that the transfer of military equipment was planned directly near the Ukrainian border. There are several scenarios.

It could be a demonstration of a strength like last year, but on a larger scale. Or it could be in preparation for a new stage of aggression against Ukraine.

Nothing can be ruled out at this time. Next year presidential election will be held in Russia. Putin needs some victories, even small ones.

Only one person knows the true purpose of such a large-scale movement of Russian military equipment near the Ukrainian borders.

I think that even the soldiers participating in this such a provocation have no idea as to Putin's plans. In addition, it depends only on him, whether these weapons will move into Ukraine, remain at their borders, or return to their permanent deployment locations.

However, Ukrainian command is monitoring the situation. According to Tsaplienko, Ukrainian military is aware of the threat and are fully prepared for any possible development.

As for the upcoming Russian military exercises in Belarus, these exercises will be held near the Ukrainian border, and they are offensive in nature, as an offensive group of forces has been formed in Belarus.

Moreover, no matter what politicians say, there is a real and current threat of invasion by the Russian army.

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