Media: Israeli jets flew through two Arab states to attack Syria

The Israeli jets that attacked targets in Syria on March 27 entered Syrian airspace through Jordan and Iraq, according to the Russian news outlet In doing so, the fighters avoided entering the zone where they would have been easily detected and intercepted by the S-300 aerial defense system.

Another news outlet,, says that the Israeli Air Force operation conducted on March 27 should be considered a success. Not only did the Israeli jets enter Syrian airspace, they also successfully attacked targets within the zone covered by the Syrian and Russian aerial defense systems, and returned home safely after the operation.

“Despite the fact that previously Russia announced that it was integrating the Syrian aerial defense systems with the systems deployed at Russia’s Khmeimim military airbase, no adequate response to Israel’s aggressive actions has ensued to date,” the article notes.

The news outlet cites several experts who claim that the radar from the S-300 system in Syria’s possession is stationed near the city of Masyaf, from where it should have obtained solid information about the Israeli Air Force’s movements. The experts also believe that the Syrians should have been able to destroy the Israeli jets even using the old S-200 missile systems. “The powerful Russian radars from the S-400 were fully capable of detecting the Israeli Air Force planes, monitoring them from the moment they took off, but for some reason the Israeli missiles were fired on, which are much less visible targets compared to the fighters,” the article remarks.

“Despite the failure to defend Syrian airspace, the Russian Defense Ministry has still not accounted for why the same radar for the Syrian S-300s was not able to detect the Israeli planes or why objective information about the attack was not forwarded to the Syrian aerial defense systems,” the news outlet writes.

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