Israel is jamming Syrian air defense systems in preparation for new attacks

Over the past 24 hours, the Syrian radar and air defense systems have experienced disruptions in their work which are believed to have been caused by the electronic warfare systems installed on Israeli warplanes. During this period, Israeli planes were detected near the Syrian borders.

"Israeli warplanes have been buzzing Syrian air-defense systems in the southern region since the morning, Israeli electronic measures were also detected,” reports the blogger “Within Syria” on twitter.

There have been no official comments on this matter from the Syrian Ministry of Defense, but this is not the first time that Israeli warplanes are trying to jam Syrian air defense systems in preparation for strikes, reports the Russian news outlet

According to, Russian S-300 missile defense systems, which are deployed in Syria, can barely cover the areas over Damascus. Israel has actively used this weakness to carry out strikes against the targets in Syria.

Currently, there is a dispute between Israel and Russia about the feasibility of airstrikes on Syrian and Iraq targets. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to convince Putin not to interfere with Israel's military operations in Syria, but Putin insists that Russia will not let Israel harm the Syrian Armed Forces, because the Kremlin continues to support Bashar al-Assad's regime.

Earlier, it was reported that the Kremlin allegedly gave the Syrian military permission to use its Russian-made aerial defense systems against Israel, provided that Syria takes responsibility for the consequences

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