Media: Israel consents to the deployment of Syrian troops at its border

Israel has given its consent to the deployment of Syrian army troops near the northern border of the country, reported Channel 2 with reference to an unnamed high-ranking source.

The agreement stipulates that the government forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad will take up positions near the Israeli border.

“In return, Russia says that Iranian and Hezbollah forces will be kept away from the border,” reported RIA Novosti. The report noted that Moscow participated in the talks between the representatives of Israel and Syria.

On Tuesday, May 29, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov commented on this.

“I know nothing about such an agreement,” the Federal News Agency quoted him as saying.

On May 8, Israel sent troops to the northern border of the country in a state of high alert.

In a message distributed by the IDF, it was reported that the decision was made after unusual activities by Iranian forces in Syria were observed.

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