ISIS threatens Putin with terrorist attacks during FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia

Islamic State (ISIS) supporters are distributing posts on social networks containing threats of terrorist attacks during the World Cup 2018.

The posts first appeared on the social network Telegram, where they were they distributed by the Wafa Media Foundation, an Islamic State-supporting organization. They also appeared later on Twitter.

Most of the threats are personally directed against Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom ISIS accuses of massacring Muslims in Syria.

Some of the posts also mention Lionel Messi, the Captain of the Catalonia-based Barcelona team. Messi, who is playing for the Argentinian team for the World Cup, will be attempting to win a world championship for the first time in his career.
Russia’s Alfa-Bank is the official bank of the World Cup in Russia.

ISIS has conducted several acts of terrorism in countries across Europe and Asia, including France, Germany and in Russia. Last year, ISIS terrorists claimed responsibility for an explosion in the St. Petersburg metro that resulted in the deaths of sixteen people.

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