Intensified clashes in Kherson region: Russian forces shift focus to Krynky, reports Ukrainian military

The Russian army has shifted its pressure vector considerably. In particular, numerous attacks on Ukrainian forces were recorded in the Krynky area of the Kherson region over the past 24 hours, reported Dmytro Pletenchuk, chief of the Strategic Communications Center of the Southern Defense Forces, during an appearance on Espresso TV.

"There has been massive pressure on Krynky, and it has been growing for the second consecutive day. Yesterday there were 15 assaults, the day before there were 11, yet all have been unsuccessful. They have slightly shifted their vector of applying force. Previously, it was in Staromayorske, which also experienced about 10 assaults per day, but only saw four yesterday," the official explained.

According to him, these maneuvers and pressure are part of actions taken by a single grouping of Russin troops, with no signs of assembling an offensive group in the direction of the Southern Defense Forces.

Pletenchuk also addressed whether there are any reasons for the Ukrainian forces to maintain a bridgehead on the left bank.

"Comparing our losses to those of the enemy is not even worthwhile," the military officer assured and added that the Russian losses are several times greater.

He mentioned that maintaining bridgeheads on the left bank is a crucial tactical element. Firstly, it immobilizes and disrupts the enemy's plans. Secondly, it broadens the scope for future actions by Ukrainian forces.

"If the occupiers had full control of the left bank, the situation on the right bank would be even more complicated. This would involve numerous artillery, tank, mortar, and even aviation strikes," Pletenchuk clarified.

Pletenchuk reminded of how the Russians reacted to their forced retreat from Nestrig Island.

"They desperately tried to return there. The shoreline was strewn with the bodies of their service members... They strongly desired to fortify their position on the right bank, as the Nestrig Island is part of the right-bank islands. Beyond it lies the estuary of the Dnipro River," he said.

Earlier, Pletenchuk had already reported that intense fighting continues near Nestrig Island in the Kherson region.

Ukrainian Forces Commander Oleksandr Syrskyi announced that Ukrainian defenders made progress in the Ogromne area of the Kherson region and established control over Nestrig Island.

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