Hungary invites Russia to join in putting pressure on Kyiv over Ukrainian Education Law

Deputy Head of the Committee on International Affairs of the Parliament of Hungary Márton Gyöngyösi called on Moscow and Budapest to join forces to put joint pressure on Ukraine because of the education law that was passed, which allegedly infringes on the rights of national minorities, as reported by RIA Novosti.

Gyöngyösi also invited other countries of the region, the natives of whom live in Ukraine, to unite.  

“We have tried to influence the situation as much as possible, but so far, it is clearly not enough. It is very sad that the international community is silent on the matter. We are surprised that the European Union, which is usually very active with regard to the protection of rights, has not reacted at all. Isn’t this a double standard? The reaction of the U.S., in our opinion, is simply shameful. In its communique, the American Embassy in Kyiv approved the law,” he said.

“Now our task is to persuade neighboring countries, including Russia, to act together, to come forward with a common declaration, unite, and put pressure on Ukraine,” added Gyöngyösi.

The politician also mentioned that Hungary has an effective instrument of influence on Ukraine: the right of veto in the negotiations for joining the European Union.

“We can freeze the dialogue at any stage, and I very much hope that we will do this if Kyiv does not back down,” warned the deputy head of the committee.

Hungary and Romania already announced their intention to jointly oppose the Ukrainian law on education.

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