Hungary plans to build a bridge to Ukraine

Hungary plans to build a new bridge over the Tisza River near the Transcarpathian city of Chop, stated the Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary.

On Friday, March 1, the Deputy State Secretary for Regional and Border Cooperation of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry Peter Kiss and Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine István Ijdyarto held a bilateral meeting at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

 “The Hungarian side noted that a feasibility study will be conducted to build a new bridge over the Tisza near the city of Chop. Funding for the construction will be found after 2020,” the statement read.

It is noted that efforts are currently made to reduce the transit time of the Mukachevo-Budapest train from seven to six hours.

 The parties of the meeting discussed important issues concerning bilateral cooperation, first of all, the current situation with the infrastructure projects under the Framework Agreement between the governments of Ukraine and Hungary and on providing loans under terms of related assistance. The agreement was signed on November 24, 2016 in Budapest.

Hungary closed the checkpoint on the border with Ukraine on February 26. The Beregshuran-Luzhniki and Kosino checkpoints did not work on the border with Ukraine. Hungarian security officials conducted a special operation to identify customs officers who were engaged in bribing. It became known later that the Hungarian security forces detained 16 customs officers who worked at the Luzhanka-Beregshuran and Kosino-Barabash checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. They are suspected of organizing a corruption scheme that has been in effect at least since November 2018.

  Hungary, Ukraine