Human rights activists report on mass kidnapping of Chechnya residents

The human rights society Memorial has reported the mass abduction of Grozny residents by Chechen law enforcement officers. At least seven have been kidnapped, Radio Liberty reports.

According to Memorial, they are being held "in inhumane conditions" by militarized police forces in Grozny, in an unheated room, and have practically not been fed. Chechen law enforcement officers have not admitted any involvement in the disappearances of these individuals.

Memorial intends to submit a request regarding the abduction of the Grozny residents to the Investigative Committee and the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Human rights defenders have reported repeatedly on the abduction of Chechen residents. Among the missing have been those accused of terrorism, homosexuals, and critics of Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Republic.

  Chechnya, human rights violations