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  • NATO Parliamentary Assembly accuses Russia of human rights violations in Ukraine and Georgia

    Iryna Friz, the chairman of Ukraine’s permanent delegation, stated on her Facebook page that a report of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly that held its spring session in Warsaw on Saturday, identified Russia as responsible for human rights violations in Ukraine and Georgia.

    The report “Fostering Democracy and Human Rights in the Black Sea Region” was presented by special rapporteur Ulla Schmidt. It highlights massive violations of human rights in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

    “The …

  • Ukrainian human rights activist: Report of Russian ombudsman on Crimea is biased

    Tetyana Pechonchyk, Chair of the Board of the Ukrainian Center for Information on Human Rights, stated on Radio Krym.Realii that Lyudmila Lubina, the Russian Human Rights Commissioner in Crimea, was “biased” in her 2017 report.

    “Of course, we cannot expect an objective evaluation from Ms. Lubina,” Pechonchyk stated. “Moreover, for four years Russia has done everything to prevent any international missions to be conducted in the Crimea, which could provide an objective evaluation. At the same …

  • Human rights activists report on mass kidnapping of Chechnya residents

    The human rights society Memorial has reported the mass abduction of Grozny residents by Chechen law enforcement officers. At least seven have been kidnapped, Radio Liberty reports.

    According to Memorial, they are being held "in inhumane conditions" by militarized police forces in Grozny, in an unheated room, and have practically not been fed. Chechen law enforcement officers have not admitted any involvement in the disappearances of these individuals.

    Memorial intends to submit a request …

  • Lithuanian ambassador to Ukraine: Lithuania concerned about human rights violations in Crimea

    Lithuania is extremely concerned about human rights violations in the annexed Crimea, including the rights of the Crimean Tatars, with whom Lithuania has close historical ties.

    Ukrinform reports that Lithuanian Ambassador to Ukraine Marius Janukonis, who took part in the 4th Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum as part of a delegation led by the Lithuanian Seimas Chairman Viktoras Pranckietis, spoke about this topic on September 1 at a briefing in Kherson.

    "This is the first such visit at the …

  • European Court hears 3000 claims of violations of the rights of Ukrainians as a result of Russia's aggression

    Ukrainian Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko has announced that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is hearing 3,000 lawsuits from Ukrainians regarding the violation of their rights as a result of Russian aggression in the Donbas and the annexation of the Crimea.

    According to Petrenko, the ECHR has already delivered its first decision on the lawsuit by a resident of Ukraine regarding these events.

    The European Court recognized that Ukraine is not responsible for the violation of human …

  • Representative of Crimean Tatars said Russia is trying to conceal human rights violations in the Crimea

    Russian authorities are attempting to hide incidents of human rights violations in the Crimea but their attempts have so far been unsuccessful. This opinion was expressed by a member of the Mejlis, Eskender Bariev, live on Radio Krym.Realii on June 14.

    He noted that despite Russia's attempts to demonstrate prosperity in the Crimea, the Mejlis have collected facts that prove the violation of collective rights of Crimean Tatars on the peninsula. Bariev went on at length to explain the situation: …

  • Human rights advocates accused Russia of exploiting workers at the stadiums built for World Cup 2018

    International human rights organization, Human Rights Watch, said that workers building stadiums for the World Cup and the Confederations Cup in Russia are being exploited, according to a statement issued by HRW.

    As follows from the report by the human rights advocates, the salary of workers at six stadiums was paid late or not at all. In addition, they were forced to work without additional protection when the temperature was minus 25 degrees Celsius. Many worked without an employment …

  • Ukraine investigating more than 60 cases of human rights violations in the Crimea

    The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea located in Kyiv has initiated more than 60 criminal cases of human rights violations in the annexed Crimea, in which the injured parties are more than 150 citizens.

    Prosecutor Hyunduz Mamedov of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea (ARC) reported this in a broadcast on radio Krym.realii.

    “We are not leaving these facts unattended. The Prosecutor General’s Office of the ARC is currently carrying out the procedural …

  • US State Department condemns Russia for violating human rights in the Crimea

    The US State Department released its annual report on the status of human rights in the world.

    Out of almost 200 countries reviewed in the first report by the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, some of the harshest criticism is directed towards Russia, which contrasts sharply with the largely reconciliatory rhetoric of US President Donald Trump with respect to Moscow and his avoidance of public statements about human rights in Russia or anywhere else in the world.

    In the section devoted to …

  • UN Representative claims that any criticism against Russian government can trigger harsh reactions in Crimea

    On December 8, the UN Special Representative for Human Rights, Mark Boyanik, stated in an interview with Radio Svoboda that any criticism in the annexed Crimea can cause immediate backlash. One risk in particular is to be declared a wanted person.

    “The Crimea is a place where, unfortunately, it is impossible to hold alternative views. I mean opinions that are not officially sanctioned and supported by the de facto authority. If you make a statement, distribute a message on social media, try to …