Head of annexed Crimea orders Simferopol authorities to travel by public transport

The Head and Prime Minister of the Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, demanded that the representatives of the Simferopol city authorities must travel by public transport during peak hours. On November 7, Aksyonov wrote on Facebook that it is necessary to study the situation on the Simferopol roads, which he called the “traffic collapse”.

He added that he expects Simferopol authorities' proposals on how to stabilize the situation to be presented during the next meeting.

“The colossal traffic jams clearly show that the situation has not improved. In this regard, tomorrow the mayor of Simferopol, his deputies, the chairman of the city council and others will travel to work by public transport from the bus terminal as well as travel from work during evening rush hour. I consider this a good opportunity to communicate with people and learn different opinions regarding their effectiveness,” said Sergey Aksyonov.

According to Aksyonov, the Crimean government decided to prohibit blocking new streets until the end of current repairs.

“At the same time, issues related to road closures should be mandatorily coordinated with the traffic police. In addition, the administration of Simferopol should inform the population about every travel pattern change in the city at least three days before making these changes, and not after the fact, when the whole city is in traffic jams, “said Aksyonov.

On the eve, Simferopol authorities changed public transport routes due to repair works on Aviation Street. Locals complain of traffic jams.

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