Head of Crimea calls for increased control of the migrants in the peninsula

The Kremlin-controlled head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, demanded that members of the Russian anti-terrorist commission increase control over migration flows to the annexed Crimea, as reported by the press service of the Russian government of the Crimea.

"Regarding this issue, I think it is necessary to work more closely with law enforcement agencies and the executive authorities of the Crimea," the press service quotes Aksyonov as saying.

The head of Crimea also discussed the need for preventive work among migrants. The statement says that Aksyonov signed an order approving the list of densely populated places. In addition, he said there was a need to complete the certification of these territories and facilities.

Between 2014 and 2016, according to research results, 109,000 people arrived in the Crimea. At the same time, an absolute majority arrived in the Crimea from neighboring Russia, 70,200 or 64% of the migrants. During the same period, according to official statistics, 65,300 thousand people left the Crimea.

61,900 people have come to Sevastopol in the last three years, which increased the migration growth rate in 2015 to 438.7. The majority of these migrants (74%) are also from Russia. At the same time, during the 2014- 2016 period, 17,432 local residents left the city.

  Aksyonov, Crimea, Ukraine, Russia