Giuliani: US Ambassador to Ukraine Yovanovitch opposed Trump’s policies

In an interview with Inter TV journalist Dmitry Anopchenko published on Facebook, Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said that US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch has opposed Trump’s policies.

“Yes, part of the problem that was created for us here in the US was the ambassador who has now been removed. She, too, was part of all these efforts against President Trump. Roughly a year ago one of the congressmen said that she was assuring the Ukrainian officials that President Trump was awaiting impeachment,” Giuliani commented.

He described Yovanovitch’s actions as “opposition” to Trump’s policies: “And now the time has come to investigate the democrats’ actions – and how they created all of this. She was also ‘on that side’, so to speak. There were cases where unreliable information was provided to the Ukrainian authorities. Such opposition to President Trump’s policies!”

Giuliani said that he would not disclose the names of the candidates who might replace Yovanovitch as ambassador to Ukraine. “It will be a person who supports President Trump’s administration and properly understands his policies in this difficult and key region of the world,” he noted.

On 25 March, Donald Trump junior, son of the current US president, called for Yovanovitch to be dismissed from her position as ambassador to Ukraine due to her criticism of the Trump administration.

On 6 May it was learned that Yovanovitch’s term in office would be ending prematurely on 20 May.

Analyst Anders Åslund from Atlantic Council sharply criticized attorney Giuliani’s actions with respect to Ukraine, and claimed that he had been involved in Ambassador Yovanovitch’s premature dismissal.

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