German Defense Minister: Chinese missiles threaten Russia

The German Minister of Defense, Ursula von der Leyen stated that Chinese missiles represent a threat to Russia, so Moscow should be interested in involving China in a new disarmament treaty, Focus reports.

The head of the German Defense Ministry said that Chinese medium-range missiles could easily reach Russian territory.

“Just as Russian missiles pose a threat to Europe, Chinese missiles pose a threat to Russia,” she emphasized.

According to von der Leyen, the only way to maintain security in the modern world is through contacts.

“The more we know about China, the better and the closer the relationship, the more interested China will be in maintaining it,” she said.

The Minister noted that the Chinese pay much attention to long-term relations.

“The Chinese think in centuries, not in decades. <…> When I was there, they showed me pictures of my parents made during their visit to Anhui 35 years ago. They wanted to be polite, give me a gift. This told me a lot about how the Chinese perceive relationships,” said von der Leyen.

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