German media: Putin fears the day Ukraine begins its counteroffensive

Russian president Vladimir Putin fears Day X, when Ukraine will receive all the weapons promised by its Western allies. These will be "historical days for Ukraine," writes the German tabloid Bild.

According to the publication, last weekend dozens of German battle tanks and IFVs arrived in Ukraine, including more than twenty ultra-modern Leopards-2A6 and up to forty Marder vehicles.

Ukrainian crews trained for six weeks in Germany to operate the tanks and IVFs supplied from the reserves of the German and Portuguese armies.

"But it’s not only Germany who is finally supplying what Ukraine needs to liberate its country from Russian invaders," says Bild.

Over the past few days, the UK has also delivered 14 promised Challenger 2 battle tanks to Ukraine. In addition, the first of the 90 promised American Stryker combat vehicles and many other heavy weapons arrived. More than 100 Bradley armored personnel carriers and 50 Swedish CV90 combat vehicles are also on their way. In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive 40 French AMX-10RC reconnaissance vehicles.

"So, the countdown to Day X begins. This is the way day when the powerful Ukrainian army, equipped with modern Western weapon systems, will begin to retake control of its country from the Russian occupiers," Bild writes.

Military expert, researcher at the Munich Security Conference Nico Lange suggested that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will begin a massive counteroffensive in early or mid-May. By that time, two more important training cycles on weapons systems will be completed by Ukrainians.

"Tanks and armored personnel carriers should be used in conjunction with other weapons systems," Lange explains. This includes artillery, drones, demining systems and aircraft, which, together with Western tanks and IVFs, should be used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to maximize the defeat of Russian troops.

Lange pointed out that the German Leopard 2A6 is 95% superior to Russian tanks. It can destroy the targets at a distance of up to five kilometers even while on the move and even at night. Most Russian tanks conduct accurate fire only at a distance of one or two kilometers and only from a standing position.

"Simply put: if the Ukrainians optimally use modern German "wild cats", then the Leopards-2A6 will be able to repeat the success of the American Abrams in the Persian Gulf in 1991. At that time, the Americans won all tank battles against similar Soviet tanks . Only during the battle near Basra on February 27, 1991, American units destroyed 186 Iraqi tanks, and they themselves lost only four Abrams," Lange said.

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