German Environmentalists try to ban Nord Stream 2 construction through the courts

Deutsche Welle (DW) reports that the German environmental association Nabu is seeking a decision through the courts to prevent planned work on the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on May 10 at a site in the Greifswald Bodden.

"Nabu has requested an interim decree from the Greifswald Supreme Administrative Court in order to enable the court to take a decision on action against the construction of the gas pipeline before May 15," the publication quoted a statement from the environmental association.

Environmentalists are convinced that construction of Nord Stream 2 will "irreparably damage the fragile ecosystem." In addition, in their opinion, a new gas pipeline is unnecessary because Europe does not have such high demand for Russian gas.

The Mining Authority of Stralsund has issued a construction permit ensuring that Nord Stream 2 construction is environmentally safe. Construction of a receiving station for the future gas pipeline In the vicinity of the city of Lubmin has already begun; excavation work in the Greifswald Bodden is scheduled to begin May 15.

In February, Nabu asked the court to issue an interlocutory decree denying the construction permit for Nord Stream 2 issued by the Mining Administration.

"The head of Nabu, Leif Miller, said that Nord Stream 2 is trying to create a fait accompli for the environmentalists and thus "not only desecrate the sea and climate, but also [deny] the right of environmentalists to sue,” the publication notes.

At the end of March, Nord Stream 2 AG received a complete set of permits from Germany for the construction and operation of the gas pipeline. The administrative authority of Southern Finland issued a permit on April 12. Gazprom expects to also receive permissions from Sweden and Denmark.

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