German Defense Minister: decision on supplying Taurus missiles to Ukraine expected within two weeks

German authorities may make a decision on supplying Ukraine with Taurus long-range  missiles within one to two weeks, reported Tagesschau, citing German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius.

"If it takes a week or two for the decision to be made, then so be it," he said at the first Westphalian Peace Conference in Münster.

Pistorius assured that this does not indicate any doubts from the federal government's side.

"Germany must demonstrate such caution, even if it is difficult for our Ukrainian friends to understand. Germany must weigh the consequences of each of its actions," said the minister.

He added that Taurus missiles have a greater range than any other weapons delivered so far and are highly complex industrial products.

"We are not talking about programming a coffee machine," Pistorius added.

Earlier, the German media reported that in the Bundestag Chancellor Olaf Scholz is the only one within the coalition blocking the delivery of Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

The high-precision Taurus missile is more powerful than the Storm Shadow and SCALP delivered to  Ukraine by the United Kingdom and France. Taurus can hit targets at a distance of over 500 kilometers and carries a warhead weighing nearly 500 kilograms. Its overall weight is over 1.3 tonnes.

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