German Chancellor Scholz intends to have a conversation with Putin soon

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not intend to break off contacts with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Speaking at the 38th Congress of the Evangelical Church of Germany in Nuremberg, he said that he spoke with Vladimir Putin after the start of the war in Ukraine and intends to "do it again in the near future."

According to the head of the German government, the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine is a necessary condition for achieving a "just peace".

From time to time, during Scholz's speech, exclamations were heard in the audience calling for negotiations, the news agency dpa reports. Reacting to them, the Chancellor replied: "Negotiations are normal. The question is who is negotiating with whom and about what."

Olaf Scholz again outlined the principles of his policy since the beginning of Russia's aggression against Ukraine. In particular, the escalation of the war should be prevented. In addition, all actions should be coordinated with partners, should act jointly, and not alone. Borders in Europe should not be moved by force, the German chancellor stressed.

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