Gazprom resumes gas delivery to Hungary through Ukraine

According to the data of the Hungarian  gas transmission system operator FGSZ, Russian gas giant Gazprom has resumed gas delivery to Hungary through Ukraine, which was completely stopped on October 3.

According to FGSZ, the intake of gas through the Berehove station is currently 2.074 million cubic meters per hour.

On October 1, the Ukrainian Gas Transmission System Operator (OGTSU) reported that the transit of Russian gas to Hungary through Ukrainian territory had been stopped.

At the same time, the data of the OGTSU showed that the delivery of gas to Hungary through Ukraine did not completely stop on Friday, but fell almost four times, and on October 2 was reduced by half.

On October 1, Gazprom began gas supplies to Hungary through the Balkan Stream gas pipeline and pipelines of southeastern Europe bypassing Ukraine. Under the contract with Gazprom, Hungary will receive 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year throughout the entire term of the agreement. 3.5 billion will be delivered through Serbia, another 1 billion through Austria. The term of the contract is 15 years.

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