Russia's Gazprom discloses information on its assets in Great Britain

Gazprom disclosed information on its assets in Great Britain upon request of an English court after claims made by Naftogaz of Ukraine. As Interfax reports, Gazprom owns a block of shares of Nord Stream AG that was pledged as collateral for funding.

“This does not mean new encumbrance of Nord Stream AG shares or their transfer in favor of Naftogaz of Ukraine. On June 22, Gazprom learned that on June 18, the English court prohibited any deals involving Gazprom’s assets in the territory of England and Wales,” Gazprom’s statement reads.

Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev stated that Gazprom complies with the laws and court orders of all states in which it does business.

“Today we have received the Russian Energy Ministry’s consent to disclose information about the company’s assets in England and Wales as requested by the English court and we have disclosed this information in the manner prescribed by the court. And of course, Gazprom will continue to contest all actions by Naftogaz to enforce the Stockholm arbitration ruling,” Medvedev said.

“The Swedish tribunal has clearly ruled that enforcement must be suspended until a verdict has been reached on our appeal. Gazprom also continues to challenge rulings by Stockholm arbitration in disputes with Naftogaz because it considers that these rulings were issued with serious infractions,” Medvedev added.

On June 19, the London court decided to freeze Gazprom’s assets in Great Britain based on claims by Naftogaz Ukraine. Gazprom was required to provide Naftogaz the list of its assets in the territory of England and Wales within 48 hours of receipt of the court order.

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