Former head of Russian Chuvashia Republic takes Putin to court

Former head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatieff challenged in the Russian Supreme Court a decree on his dismissal signed by President Vladimir Putin.

According to the case file, the Supreme Court accepted Ignatieff's complaint on May 21. The former governor is challenging President Vladimir Putin's decree of January 29, 2020 No.68 "On the early termination of the powers of the head of the Chuvashia Republic."

The President of the Russian Federation is listed as a defendant in the proceedings.

This January, Ignatieff gained publicity in the Russian political scene by calling on the residents to "knock down" journalists and bloggers who "criticize the authorities from morning to night." The statement was made during the Day of the Russian and Chuvash Press in Cheboksary. Later, the press service of the head of Chuvashia explained that by "knocking down" journalists, Ignatieff meant disclosing information about their income.

Later, the official apologized for these words. But three days after his apology, Ignatieff forced an officer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to hop when giving him the keys to the new service car. Ignatieff's press service explained this as "friendship".

On January 28, the head of the region was expelled from United Russia Party, and the next day Putin dismissed him from the post of head of the region "due to the loss of trust".

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