Finland considers legislation to ban Soviet and Nazi symbols

The Finnish government is considering the possibility of legislating to ban the use of Soviet and Nazi symbols due to their promotion of discrimination and incitement to hatred. The symbols in question are the hammer and sickle, as well as the swastika, according to Yle.

Ben Zyskowicz, a Member of Parliament from the Coalition Party, has proposed this measure in a governmental report that includes measures to promote equality and eradicate discrimination. The issue has been discussed within a parliamentary working group during the preparation stage and is currently under review. There is currently no consensus among members of government factions regarding the ban.

Zyskowicz stated that he proposed banning the use of the Soviet emblem, the hammer and sickle, as millions of innocent people were killed under the flag of the USSR with this symbolism. In addition to Soviet symbolism, the representative also wants to prohibit the use of the swastika as a Nazi symbol. It is already forbidden in many European countries, and the swastika is closely associated with the Holocaust and the destruction of other minorities during World War II.

A vote on this matter is set to take place in the Finnish Parliament in September.

  Finland, Russia