Finland considers building barbed wire fence on the border with Russia

The Finnish authorities are discussing a possibility of building a fence on the border with Russia. The length of this border stretch is more than a thousand kilometers.

According to the newspaper Yle, the issue was brought up by the former Minister of the Interior and an MP from the opposition Coalition Party Kai Mykkänen who spoke in favor of building barriers on the eastern border to prevent migrants from entering the country.

The politician pointed out that Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia are already building such fences due to influx of illegal migrants.

Earlier, the Finnish Border Guard Service announced that 30 refugees entered the country from Poland and Belarus. Border guards said that illegal immigrants from the Middle East are trying to get to Central Europe through Finland.

In 2018, Finland deployed additional personnel to the border with Russia due to the growing number of tourists from Russia.

Earlier, it was reported that Estonia began to install barbed wire fences on the border with Russia. According to Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, there is no serious threat to the Estonian border now, but "the experience of neighbors makes us be vigilant." Kallas is convinced that the construction of border barriers sends a signal to Russia that Estonia is guarding the borders of its country, the European Union and NATO.

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