European Parliament calls for oil and gas embargo on Russia in the event of invasion of Ukraine

The European Parliament has adopted a tough anti-Russian resolution, which provides for a halt in imports of Russian oil and gas to the EU, and the disconnection of Russia from SWIFT payment system in the event of a direct Russian invasion of Ukraine, reported Deutsche Welle.

The document was supported by 569 MEPs, 67 opposed, 46 abstained.

The European Parliament regards as "threatening and destabilizing" Russia's build-up of troops near the border of Ukraine and in the annexed Crimea.

Members of Parliament are also demanding that Russia stop the practice of "unjustified" redeployment of troops aimed at intimidating neighboring countries.

"The European Parliament notes that friendly countries should strengthen military support for Ukraine and the provision of defense weapons, which corresponds to Article 51 of the UN Charter, which allows individual and collective self-defence," the document reads.

In addition, the European Parliament approved Ukraine's "proportionate" response to Russia's actions.

"If such a buildup of troops in the future turns into the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, the EU should make it clear that the price for such a violation of international law and norms will be high," the MEPs warned.

The European Parliament proposes in this case an "immediate" cessation of oil and gas imports from Russia to the EU, the disconnection of Russia from the SWIFT payment system and the freezing of all assets of Russian oligarchs close to the government, as well as their families. It is also proposed to revoke their visas.

In addition, MEPs expressed dissatisfaction that the EU does not have legal opportunities to impose sanctions against oligarchs involved in corruption. The resolution therefore proposes to supplement the sanctions imposed for human rights violations with new sanctions for corruption. MEPs stressed that EU countries should not be a "cozy place for Russian wealth and investment of dubious origin."

The European Parliament also demands that the EU reduce its dependence on Russian energy suppliers. The parliamentarians called for a halt to the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline and the construction of "controversial nuclear power plants, which Rosatom is building."

At the same time, the European Parliament called the involvement of Russian Special Services in explosions at ammunitions depots in the Czech Republics "violation of Czech sovereignty". The European Parliament called the conclusions of the Czech security services "well-founded".

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