EU Parliament calls for establishment of special tribunal to punish Russia for crimes against Ukraine

Members of the European Parliament demand that the Russian political and military leadership be brought to justice for aggression against Ukraine. Today, the parliament adopted a resolution stating that the European Union and its members should seek the creation of a special international tribunal to prosecute the Russian authorities and their allies.

The resolution notes the atrocities committed by the Russian military in Bucha, Irpen and many other Ukrainian cities. According to the European Parliament, the importance of coordinated international action to bring the perpetrators to justice in accordance with international law is required.

The establishment of such tribunal, the deputies argue, will fill the vacuum in international criminal justice system and complement the investigative efforts of the International Criminal Court, since it is currently unable to investigate the crime of aggression when it concerns Ukraine.

According to the members of the Parliament, the tribunal should have jurisdiction to prosecute not only Russian President Vladimir Putin and high-ranking officials of the Russian Federation, but also Alexander Lukashenko and the top leadership of Belarus.

The heads of states are subject to international immunity from criminal prosecution. In order to lift immunity, strong support from the international community at the level of the UN General Assembly and other international forums is required.

At the same time, MEPs insist that the EU's preparatory work for the creation of a special tribunal should begin immediately, and Ukrainian and international bodies should receive support in providing evidence that will be used in the future.

The resolution also calls on the European Union and its partners to discuss legal ways to use the frozen assets of the Russian Central Bank as reparations for Russia's violations of international law in Ukraine. It is proposed to remove sovereign immunity of these assets in view of the gravity of the offences. Without the removal of this immunity, it is not possible to confiscate Russian assets.

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