EU expresses support to Ukrainian President amid Constitutional court crisis

The EU hopes that the Ukrainian parliament will quickly come up with a "reasonable way out" of the crisis around the scandalous decision of the Constitutional Court and supports the idea of President Vladimir Zelensky not to limit this issue only to the Constitutional Court, stated the EU Ambassador to Ukraine Matti Maasikas.

According to him, the EU is concerned about the court's ruling, as it has become a threat to some of Ukraine’s achievements in the fight against corruption.

The EU pointed out how quickly the Ukrainian government began to tackle this problem. The European Union representatives noted that they want Kyiv to find the way out of the current situation.

"We also took into account President Zelensky’s appeal to carry out a judicial reform in Ukraine. The EU is ready to cooperate and support it," the diplomat concluded.

After a meeting with his faction and persuading MPs to initiate an overhaul of the Constitutional Court, Zelensky allowed the possibility of dissolution of the Parliament.

Some of the MPs from Servant of the People Party did not want to dismiss the Constitutional Court judges and oppose the presidential bill.

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