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  • EU expresses support to Ukrainian President amid Constitutional court crisis

    The EU hopes that the Ukrainian parliament will quickly come up with a "reasonable way out" of the crisis around the scandalous decision of the Constitutional Court and supports the idea of President Vladimir Zelensky not to limit this issue only to the Constitutional Court, stated the EU Ambassador to Ukraine Matti Maasikas.

    According to him, the EU is concerned about the court's ruling, as it has become a threat to some of Ukraine’s achievements in the fight against corruption.

    The EU …

  • Ukrainian President: ruling of Constitutional Court to abolish electronic declaration is conspiracy by old elites

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called the ruling of the Ukrainian Constitutional to repeal a number of provisions of anti-corruption legislation "a conspiracy by old elites."

    "I know for sure that today's demarche of the Constitutional Court is a public manifestation of the conspiracy by some old elites and oligarchs against the president and against the country. It's not different. This is what it is. Because only a weak president and a weak government are the key to maintaining their …

  • Zelensky takes on the Constitutional Court as Ukraine slides into crisis

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has proposed to the Ukrainian Parliament to dismiss the current Ukrainian Constitutional Court judges. This comes after the court ruled to abolish criminal responsibility for falsifying property declaration by Ukrainian officials.

    The court's decision not only aggravated the situation inside the country, but also received a negative reaction from the G7 ambassadors in Ukraine. Therefore, Zelensky held an emergency meeting of the National Security Council, …

  • US, EU ambassadors and IMF ask Ukrainian parliament to postpone consideration of illicit enrichment bills

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the US and EU ambassadors to Ukraine have sent a letter to the relevant Ukrainian parliamentary committee asking it to postpone the consideration of all 13 pending bills on the penalty for illicit enrichment, since all the initiatives that have been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine so far are defective, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

    “The US ambassador, the IMF mission, and the EU ambassador have written a letter – it arrived today: They request …

  • Constitutional Court of Moldova recognizes the law on combating Russian propaganda as legitimate

    On Monday, June 4, the Constitutional Court of Moldova recognized that the law “on combating Russian propaganda” is in fact consistent with the constitution of the country.

    The Constitutional Court rejected Moldovan President Igor Dodon’s request. The decision of the court is final and entered into force immediately.

    On December 7 of last year, the Parliament of Moldova adopted amendments to the “code of audiovisual media services,” which calls for a prohibition on rebroadcasting of …

  • Moldovan Constitutional court called on Parliament to introduce criminal responsibility for failure of government officials to perform constitutional obligations

    The Constitutional Court of Moldova appealed to the parliament to demand criminal responsibility for the non-fulfillment of constitutional duties and court decisions, as reported by Newsmaker.

    This initiative concerns Moldovan President Igor Dodon, who has repeatedly refused to sign laws and government appointments.

    "There is an article in the Criminal Code on the non-fulfillment of court decisions. Why is there no such norm for the decisions of the Constitutional Court? This responsibility …

  • Constitutional Court of Moldova suspends powers of President Dodon once again

    The Constitutional Court of Moldova, once again suspended the powers of the country's president, Igor Dodon, on Friday, January 5.

    The decision was made at the request of a MP from the Democratic Party, Sergey Syrbu, who addressed the Constitutional Court the day before.

    The deputy justified his request by the fact that the president repeatedly refused to promulgate the law passed by the Parliament on combating Russian propaganda. In the text of the appeal, he asked the judges to consider the …

  • Moldovan President Dodon appeals to Constitutional Court concerning bill to ban news from Russia

    Moldovan President Igor Dodon has asked the Constitutional Court to verify the legality of the amendments recently adopted by the Moldovan parliament to the code on television and radio broadcasting, which restrict the broadcasting of Russian news and information analysis transmissions from Russia. The president wrote about this on his Facebook page.

    “In my view, it goes against the principles of democracy and violates basic human rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the European …

  • Ukraine to file new human rights complaint; Russia rejects ECHR

    The Deputy Justice Minister of Ukraine, Natalia Sevostyanova, reported that Ukraine has been documenting human rights violations in Crimea and the Donbas region, and will file a new complaint with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Two previous complaints are pending.

    In response to questions about the reviews of the pending complaints pertaining to events in Crimea and the Donbas region, Sevostyanova reminded journalists that Russia had requested a prolongation of their communication …