Estonia, Latvia and Denmark to establish Divisional Headquarters North

During a recent NATO summit in Brussels, the Defense Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Denmark signed a joint statement of establishment for the Multinational Divisional Headquarters North, the Estonian Minister of Defense Jüri Luik stated.

"It is a natural step to strengthen deterrence and defense of NATO. The Baltic Sea region is now one of the most vulnerable in NATO, and it is important for the command structure of the Alliance to be consistent with actual threats," Luik stated.

According to an issued statement, the Divisional Headquarters will be tasked with an ongoing operational review of the situation in the region. The Headquarters will manage brigades under its command, and be in charge of the coordination, planning and synchronization of military exercises and operations within various departments and auxiliary units.

The Divisional Headquarters and its support subdivision will be comprised of roughly 300 people. It will report to the Headquarters of the Multinational Corps North-East, located in Szczecin, Poland.

The NATO Summit is currently being held in Brussels from the 11th-12th of July.

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