Estonia accuses Russian of violating its air space

Estonian Defense Forces issued a statement alleging that on July 16, two Russian planes violated its country’s airspace. The Ministry of foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of Russia in Tallinn and handed him a note regarding the incident. He noted that Russian planes violated the borders of Estonia six times in a year.
“Yesterday afternoon, two Russian planes, an A319 and an Il-96 crossed the Estonian border near Vaindloo Island an hour apart,” the press service of the Estonian army reported and noted that the two planes spent less than a minute in Estonian airspace. According to information, the aircraft did not make radio contact with Estonian flight dispatchers.
A week ago, on July10, the Estonian Foreign Ministry handed a note to the Russian Ambassador regarding Russian aircraft violating the country’s borders after representatives of Tallinn were offered a resolution to this issue through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Estonia has already accused Russia of violating airspace in March this year. The Ministry called the accusations unsubstantiated and noted that the crew of the plane was following the agreed route and was in touch with Estonian flight dispatchers.

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