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  • Ukraine lays charges against former LPR leader Plotnitsky

    On August 13, the judge read out the charges on the case of the downed IL-76 aircraft against the ex-head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky and two leaders of the armed formations, Alexander Gureyev and Nikolai Patrushevm, as stated on Facebook by the lawyer of the families of killed paratroopers and crew members of IL-76, Vitaly Pogosyan.

    "Today, an indictment on Plotnitsky, Patrushev and Gureyev has been announced at the Krasnohvardiisky district Court in Dnipro,” he wrote. The lawyer added that …

  • Estonia accuses Russian of violating its air space

    Estonian Defense Forces issued a statement alleging that on July 16, two Russian planes violated its country’s airspace. The Ministry of foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of Russia in Tallinn and handed him a note regarding the incident. He noted that Russian planes violated the borders of Estonia six times in a year.  “Yesterday afternoon, two Russian planes, an A319 and an Il-96 crossed the Estonian border near Vaindloo Island an hour apart,” the press service of the Estonian army …

  • Russian plane violates Estonian airspace

    A Russian Il-76 plane violated Estonia’s airspace, the Estonian Defense Forces headquarters reported.

    The headquarters’ press service reported to Interfax news agency on Tuesday that “today at lunchtime, an Il-76 state airplane of the Russian Federation entered the airspace in the region of the Vaindloo island without authorization”.

    The plane was reportedly in Estonian airspace for less than a minute. Its transponder was active and a flight plan had been filed. The plane made no radio …