Despite coronavirus pandemic thousands of Russian soldiers rehearse for the Victory Day Parade

The Office of the Russian President plans to hold a rehearsal of the Victory Parade with the participation of at least 9,000 servicemen. The proposed training date is May 7, MBH Media reports, citing a document published on the Kremlin’s website.

The contract for the supply of printing products states that the Russian company TISSO will have to make 8,700 invitations for the rehearsal of the parade. The contract is worth 7.7 million rubles ($100,000 USD).

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the rehearsal of the parade for the 75th anniversary of the Victory will be held in Moscow in two stages - April 29 and May 4, and the dress rehearsal - May 7. In late March, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the decision to cancel or postpone the parade due to the coronavirus pandemic has not yet been made.

Meanwhile, a video of the preparations for the dress rehearsal of the parade on Red Square was published online. The training took place at the Alabino training ground near Moscow. Judging by the footage, several thousand soldiers and officers took part in the rehearsal.

The footage shows the military standing shoulder to shoulder without respirators, not keeping a safe distance. The Russian Defense Ministry has previously stated that there are no soldiers infected with COVID-19.

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