Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister: Hungarian ambassador is overstepping his authority

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine for European integration Olena Zerkal spoke on Fifth Channel on Wednesday, March 7, saying that the Ambassador of Hungary has gone over his authority and that the meeting is scheduled regarding this issue with the Hungarian side. "We have a conversation scheduled with the Hungarians regarding the fact that his is overstepping his authority here in Ukraine," she noted.

Zerkal added that Ukraine emphasizes its steadfast position regarding the education law and other issues. "They are caught up in playing elections game not only in our territory. They are doing the same in Romania, in Slovakia. Romania is in the EU but we are still dependent on Hungary's behavior in NATO. There are still certain special aspects. At the same time, I believe we have taken a tough stand. We do stand tough on the education law and on other issues," said the Deputy Minister.

As earlier reported, Hungarian Ambassador Ernő Keskeny said Hungary would continue blocking Ukraine’s international aspirations unless Kyiv amends the education law.

Hungary believes that the ruling of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the language law by Kivalov-Kolesnychenko is a "brutal assault" of the Ukrainian authorities on the rights of the national.

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