Czech Republic is ready to provide weapons to Ukraine

The new government of the Czech Republic expressed its readiness to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons amid the growing threat of Russian aggression, reported the Czech newspaper Hospodarske noviny.

Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová said that there is a consensus regarding Ukraine in the current government coalition, consisting of five parties.

"I talk a lot with Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky, and we have similar views regarding assistance to Ukraine coincide," she said.

According to Černochová, Ukraine is expected to provide the list of equipment and weapons it needs. At the same time, the minister noted that the Czech Republic will have to coordinate arms supplies to Ukraine with the Visegrad Four states (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), the Baltic countries or Germany.

Černochová stressed that historically and politically the Czech Republic has always supported Ukraine.

"If Ukraine needs, we will try to help," she added.

  Czech Republic, Ukraine