Coronavirus: Ukraine closes it borders

At a meeting on March 14, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution to temporarily restrict the border crossing into and out of Ukraine, reports Radio Liberty with reference to the Ukrainian Government’s press service.

According to the resolution, Ukrainian border crossings will be closed to all international passenger traffic (except for several categories of citizens) from midnight March 17 to 3 April 3. From midnight on March 16 to April 3, entry to Ukraine will be closed to foreigners (except those who are entitled to permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine) and stateless persons.

It is also reported that the Ukrainian Government has instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform foreign diplomatic missions and diplomatic institutions of these restrictions.

"In addition, at the meeting, the government authorized the Deputy Minister of Health and the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine to exercise special powers. Namely, they have to ensure epidemiological surveillance, prevention of the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases, localization and elimination of their outbreaks and epidemics. The Government also tasked them to appoint authorized persons who will serve as the main regional sanitary doctors in the regions," the government said in a statement.

On March 13, the Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that in 48 hours Ukraine will close its border to foreign citizens to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The restrictions are expected to last for two weeks.

Ukraine has now three confirmed cases of coronavirus: one in the Zhytomyr region and two in Chernivtsi region. On March 13, the first deaths from the coronavirus was reported in Ukraine. A patient who was hospitalized in the city of Zhytomyr died.

On March 12, Ukraine began quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It will last three weeks - from March 12 to April 3.

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