Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine: 150 km of Ukrainian border with Hungary not controlled by Kyiv

The Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatolii Matios stated that the Ukrainian State Border Service does not have access to 150 km of the border with Hungary. However, the total length of the border of Ukraine with Hungary is only 137 km.

"Today I once again came across documents that say that 150 km border with Hungary in Transcarpathia is a private property," he said on 112.Ukraine TV. "150 km are the land plots, those two hectares that used to be allocated by the village council to local residents, after which they were accumulated by one owner and communication facilities were built there," the prosecutor added.

According to Matios, this situation arose 10 years ago.

"For 10 years now, there are have been 150 km of a private border, where the state border patrol could never pass, because they have been blinded by the light from the towers of the private borders and even   shot at," he said.

Matios said that he would report this situation to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

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