British fighters intercept six Russian bombers over the Black Sea

British soldiers stationed in Romania intercepted six Russian bombers over the Black Sea, reported the Romanian agency Agerpres.

On August 13, Eurofighter Typhoon fighters took off from the Romanian Mihail Kogalniceanu base due to the presence of six Russian Su-24 bombers flying over the Black Sea near the NATO border towards the Crimea.

"Before the take-off to intercept them, we were warned about the intense Russian air activity, which was observed throughout the night," - said one of the pilots.

The British Air Force notes that their operation was part of a NATO mission to contain Russian aggression, support the Romanian allies and fulfil Britain's obligations within NATO.

Romanian Defense Minister Mihai Fifor had previously stated about the frequency of such "challenges" from the Russian side.

There are four British fighters and hundreds of representatives of the U.S. armed forces stationed on the military base in Romania.

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