British Secret Intelligence Service warns Ukrainian President of Russian moles in his entourage

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky held a secret meeting with the head of the British intelligence service MI6 Richard Moore. They discussed the situation with corruption in Ukraine and the entourage of the Ukrainian President, both official and informal, reported the Ukrainian publication Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (the Mirror Weekly), citing a credible source.

Dzerkalo Tyzhnia notes that the presence of the British intelligence Head service was caused by the desire of Her Majesty's Cabinet to convey to the Ukrainian President information, which "for a number of reasons, Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not want to convey himself."

The head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) Ivan Bakanov was present at the meeting. The publication emphasizes the absence of representatives of the Presidential Administration at the meeting.

The author of the article, international columnist Vladimir Kravchenko, claims that three basic issues were discussed at the meeting.

The first concerned the alleged "attacks of the Ukrainian authorities on anti-corruption bodies in Ukraine and the desire of the Presidential Administration to take control of the SAP (Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office), NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau), The Office of the Prosecutor General, the judiciary."

The second concerned the situation in the east of the country and Russia's actions.

The third question concerned the entourage of Zelensky, both official and informal. It was about people, Kravchenko argues, who have a considerable influence on the president of Ukraine. The author of the article noted that the third issue was largely related to these "Russian moles".

Dzerkalo Tyzhnia‘s source said that at the meeting, the British side expressed concern that these people from Zelensky’s circle could leak sensitive information "to the other side".

"Previously, the topic of the President's inner circle was raised during talks with Americans. But while Americans were putting pressure on Zelensky, the British side only warned him, to make sure he was fully aware of the actions of the people associated with him," Kravchenko said in the article.

Kravchenko stressed that the MI6 heads do not often meet with leaders of other countries during thier official visits to the UK.

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