Body of Putin’s bunker financier found in Moscow

The body of Alexey Kudryashov, who was fired on 31 May from his position as the head of the financing department that oversees command bunkers for Russia’s high-ranking political and military leaders, has been found in Moscow. The 55 year-old financier’s corpse was discovered in the yard of a 15-story house, RBC reports, citing its own sources. The cause of death appears to be a fall from a great height.

A source in the Interior Ministry said that on the day he died, Kudryashov had been at his son’s apartment, which his son had recently taken a mortgage on.

A source in the Main Directorate of Special Projects (GUSP), where Kudryashov had worked, said that the department would be carrying out an internal investigation into his death.

RBC also notes that in April, the Federal Security Service (FSB) carried out searches in the legal department of one of the GUSP’s military facilities, as part of an investigation into land fraud. The FSB believes that 35 hectares of land in Moscow’s Chekhovsky District has been misappropriated.

The GUSP is responsible for Russia’s readiness to mobilize, and oversees a network of underground tunnels and bunkers for the senior political and military leadership and other secret facilities throughout Russia. The department is led by Alexander Linets.

In 2015, former Russian Press Minister Mikhail Lesin died under mysterious circumstances. His body was found on 6 November in The Dupont Circle Hotel in the center of Washington. The RIA Novosti news agency reported that Lesin, co-founder of Russia Today and former head of Gazprom Media, had died of a heart attack. An autopsy showed that the former official’s causes of death were multiple blunt force injuries to the head, neck, torso, upper and lower extremities, and a neck fracture. However, experts were unable to reach a unanimous conclusion on whether he had been murdered.

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