Berlin: Germany among top 3 arms suppliers to Ukraine

Germany is one of the three largest suppliers of weapons to Ukraine, and according to some indicators even ranks second, said the spokesperson for the German Defense Ministry, Captain David Helmbold at a press conference in Berlin.

The day before, during a visit to Washington, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht noted that " Germany has become the second largest supplier of weapons to Ukraine." She declined to give specific numbers.

The Minister's statement caused some bewilderment among German journalists, since at the first stage of Russia's war against Ukraine, Germany received a lot of criticism, including from the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, for the delay in supplying weapons to Kyiv and Berlin's unwillingness to satisfy some requests of the Ukrainian army.

Now, the situation has apparently changed, although the German Defense Ministry does not provide specific details on military assistance to Ukraine. "This, however, does not mean that we are inactive," David Helmbold said.

The numbers, according to him, are changing, and they can be viewed in different ways - by the cost of goods, by their weight, by volume. And depending on the method of assessment, the result also changes. "But regardless of this, if we take the overall scale," Helmbold stated, "Germany, of course, is among the top three suppliers". And according to some indicators, in particular, logistics categories or weight, he added, Germany ranks second.

According to German media reports, Germany supplies a lot of fuel for the Ukrainian army. Helmbold refused to answer whether it is considered as "military assistance". The spokesperson for the German Defense Ministry explained that specific details about arms supplies is confidential information in order not to create additional risks. According to him, both Berlin and the Ukrainian Defense Ministry asked him not to provide any details.

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