Belgium to deliver its largest military aid package to Ukraine

Belgium will deliver to Ukraine the "largest to date" package of military assistance, the total cost of which amounts to 92 million euros, said Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo during a press conference.

The aid package will include AMRAAM anti-aircraft missiles used in NASAMS air defense systems, anti-tank weapons, grenades, FN Minimi machine guns, FN SCAR rifles and ammunition, as well as light armored vehicles. The number of weapons was not disclosed for security reasons.

"Since the beginning of this war has made a lot of efforts to support Ukraine. In total, our country has already provided 146 million euros worth of military assistance. Today it was decided to send Ukraine a new package of defense assistance for 92 million euros," de Croo said.

Belgium will transfer part of the weapons from its own stocks, and the rest will be purchased from manufacturers for direct shipment to Ukraine. In addition, the Belgian Defense Ministry will provide fuel and training for the Ukrainian military.

At the same time, Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder clarified that Belgium will not send tanks to Ukraine. According to her, the country does not have such equipment in working order.

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